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Working on new concepts in styling and content of the knitwear is a continuous activity in Texeurop (BD) Ltd. with an objective to up the quality and the value of merchandise. In 2005, the year in which International business was started; Texeurop (BD) Ltd. concentrated all its strengths and resources in developing a wide range of knitwear for the international market.

We're Passionate

Uniqueness of Texeurop (BD) Ltd. lies in its clearly defined quality policy and management structure and the capability to offer a wide range of knitwear including a full range of products for - Men, Ladies, Kids/Infant such as Polo Shirt, Sports Shirts, T - Shirts, Sweat Shirt, Jackets, Shorts, Trousers/Leggings, and any Infant products

We're Professional

Right from inception, the policy of the company has been to provide total customer satisfaction by offering quality knitwear in time. To meet the commitments of quality and prompt delivery, Texeurop (BD) Ltd. decided to integrate the manufacturing processes in a planned manner. Over the years the entire process has been integrated by importing sophisticated machinery from world-renowned manufacturers.




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Texeurop (BD) Ltd.

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Texeurop (BD) Ltd. A 100% export oriented composite knit garments manufacturer & exporter.
Factory Location: Vogra, Joydevpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh.
Different Section in Factory:
Ground Floor: Embroidery, Dyeing, Washing, Piece Dyeing, Garment Dyeing, All Over Printing, WTP, ETP, Chemical Store, Fabrics Store, Utility Area & childcare.
Mezzanine Floor: Laboratory, Doctors Room & General Store
First Floor: Packing, Office & Inspection Rooms.
Second Floor: Sewing Unit -1 & Finishing Unit – 1.
Third Floor: Sewing Unit – 2 & Finishing Unit – 2.
Fourth Floor: Sewing Unit – 3 & Finishing Unit – 3..
Fifth Floor: Sample, CAD & Cutting department.
Roof Top: Canteen & Dining Hall for all employees.
Factory Equipments: Different types of Knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing, Embroidery and Generator machines supplied by mostly Japan, Taiwan, U.K, USA, Singapore, etc.
Main Production: Basic T - Shirt, Tanktops, Long Sleeve T - Shirt, Polo Shirt, Shorts, Sweat Shirt, Knit Jacket, Pajama Set, Ladies & Kids, Infant Knitwear & All Kinds of Knit garments & Knit Fabrics.
Production Capacity:
Knitting: 16 Ton/Day(Average)
Dyeing: 30 Ton/Day(Average)
Washing: 5 Ton/Day(Average)
Yarn Dyeing: 7.5 Ton/Day(Average)
Placement Printing: 100,000 Pcs/Day(Average)
All Over Printing: 5 Ton/Day(Average)
Embroidery: 30,000 Pcs/Day(Average)
Cutting: 75,000 Pcs/Day(Average)
Sewing: 70,000 Pcs/Day(Average)
Garment Dyeing: 5 Ton/Day(Average)
Packaging: 60,000 Pcs/Day(Average)
Main Market: Germany, USA, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Netherlands

The Board of Directors:
Mr. Md. Abdul Mozid Khan, Managing Director
E-mail: mozid@texeuropbangladesh.com
Mrs. Morshada Ibrahim, Chairman
E-mail: morshada@pantexbd.com
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  • Knitting
  • Dyeing
  • Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Cutting
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  • Finishing
  • Quality Control
  • Human Resource
  • Information & Technology
  • Industrial Production Engineering
Texeurop (BD) Ltd. is a Composite Knitted Fabric & Garments manufacturing company with a mission to be one of the leading exporters in providing the quality knitted garments from Bangladesh to various customers around the globe.
It's the policy of Texeurop (BD) Ltd. to ensure -
  1. Customer satisfaction by all means.
  2. Providing quality product as per requirement of the buyer.
  3. Ensuring quality services in communication & timely delivery of the product.
  4. To decrease the percentage of rework.
  5. Evaluate the suppliers on yearly basis.
  6. Give safe & hygienic working environment to workers.
  7. Improve continually in the Quality Management System with every year to come.
  • Reduce Rejection percentage of the garments.
  • Reduce fabric rejection through strict monitoring & also reduce replacement percentage for the same.
  • Reduce alteration percentage for every style.
  • Reduce migration percentage of workers & increase employee satisfaction in the same time.
  • To deliver Actual Fabric & Accessories as required by the Buyer.
  • Increasing the export percentage in every year to come.
  • Every supplier must achieve 90% satisfaction of the management of Texeurop during yearly re-evaluation process.
  • Increase Customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce customer complaint.
  • Reduce breakdown percentage of all the machineries.
  • Reduce Machine Maintenance timing.
  • Ensure timely delivery of each order by meeting production target.
  • Increase competency level of the company for each of the employees working in Texeurop by providing necessary training on time.
The Texeurop (BD) Ltd. is committed to the best human workplace practices. Our goal is to continuously improve our Human Resource policies and procedures through education, training, communication, and employees' involvement.
To that end the Texeurop (BD) Ltd. has identified eight (8) areas of importance. The Company commits to management review, employees' open communication, policy development and coordination with the BSCI standard to comply with all State/Local laws and Industrial/Factory laws of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh to provide a favorable employment environment that respects understands the needs of its employees.
The company commits to inform all employees of its policy and position on the BSCI standard. All employees will be made aware of the Policy and Company Statement upon implementation. Going forward all new employees will be trained on BSCI in new employees' orientation. Periodically throughout the year the company will reaffirm its commitment to the BSCI policy through employee communications such as office notice, demonstration and payroll stuffers.
The Eight (8) Identified Areas are:
  1. Child Labor
  2. Forced Labor
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Freedom of Assembly/ Right to Collectively Bargain
  5. Discrimination
  6. Disciplinary Practices
  7. Working Hours
  8. Remuneration/ Compensation



We are a vertical setup of knitwear manufacturer with the ability to produce any kinds of knit garments having the expertise of all kinds of fabrics, such as Single Jersey, Double Jersey, Pique, La Coste (Single/Double), Interlock, Rib (Any), French Terry, Drop Needle, Any Types of Blended, Yarn Dyed, Plated, any other structure looks with or without Spandex/Lycra.


From one piece to thousands and more, we welcome any order size and have the capacity to produce small to industrial sized quantities, any time.


You shall follow the client provided style and design, we take care of colors and the rest of the style.


We make the most of your fabric and materials by ensuring that our software-equipped machines cut and lay patterns in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


We procure the raw materials locally and in cases to import materials from all over the world in order to meet your production needs.


Knitting, Dyeing, Washing, Printing, Embroidery, Cutting, Sewing, Garment Dyeing, Packaging – we do it all.


We can deliver your product many different ways FOB, LDP, DDP.



Capacity: 16 Ton/Day


Capacity: 30 Ton/Day


Capacity: 5 Ton/Day


Capacity: 7.5 Ton/Day


Capacity: 100,000 Pcs/Day


Capacity: 5 Ton/day


Capacity: 30,000 Pcs/Day


Capacity: 75,000 Pcs/Day


Capacity: 70,000 Pcs/Day

Garment Dyeing

Capacity: 5 Ton/Day


Capacity: 60,000 Pcs/Day

Key Person

Md. Abdul Mozid Khan
Managing Director
Mobile: #00–880–17–1153–5173

Email: mozid@texeuropbangladesh.com

Mrs. Morshada Ibrahim
Mobile: #00–880–17–1303–4660

Email: morshada@pantexbd.com


Men Polo Shirt
Men Polo Shirt
Ladies T-Shirt
Ladies T-Shirt
Women Jacket
Men Jacket
Women Tanktop
Women Tanktop
Ladies Sweat Shirt
Ladies Sweat Shirt
Men Trouser
Men Trouser
Ladies Short Pant
Men Short Pant
Ladies Blazer



Customer’s perceived value, brand trust, satisfaction, repeat purchase behavior, and commitment are found to be the Key influencing factors of our brand loyalty.

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Factory Address

Texeurop (BD) Ltd.

Vogra, Joydevpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
+880 - 2 - 9262163 - 4
+880 - 2 - 9261582
E-mail: info@texeuropbangladesh.com
Website: www.texeuropbangladesh.com
GPS Co-ordinates: Lat: 23.983685, Long: 90.382396